Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pakistan wants fair USA primaries & free USA elections. The USA must "do more" to ensure peaceful transfer of power and monitor Florida

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"The American president must also take of this uniform and ensure free and fair elections" : Pakistan Spokesman Mr. Chorroo

Pakistan wants America to do more to ensure a free and fair elections. American elections have a tradition of being marred by fraud, archaic ballots, and hi-tech machines that could be manipulated. The last two elections were fraught with many issues. The Pakistani spokes also said that there is grave concern in the Senate of Pakistan about the Diebold machines. Mr. Chorroo offered to send Pakistani scientists to help improve the Diebold machines. He said that Pakistan had a lot of experience in using technologies from different countries. He therefore offered to help America.

He cited the example of space discoveries, where American had a problem with pens in space. He informed the reporters that American NASA spent millions of Dollars in developing a space pen. He said that the sapce pen that works in space and is available at high end American stores. He lamented the fact that Pakistani scientists were not consulted in that matter. Mr. Chorroo proclaimed that Pakistani technology in this matter was superior to American technology. He said Pakistan had offered a Pakistani pencil manufactured by "bay-wa-quf k-liyeh" manufacturers, which would also work in space and was cheaper!

Mr. Chorroo the spokesman was horrified to learn that the US president was also the head of the armed forces and still wore the uniform. He gave the example of the USS aircraft carrerr where President Bush stood in uniform and declared "mission accomplished". He wanted the American president to give a date for taking off the uniform. He said, Pakistan has learend the hard way that the president in uniform is not good for the nation. In fact he appealed to all the attorneys in America to wage a battle to ask the president to take off his uniform

Sources in Islamabad inform Pakistan Punch, that Pakistan is putting pressure on the Democratic and Republican Parties to hold free and fair primaries and caucuses. In addition, Pakistanis are concerned that the US general election may embroil North America in instability and affect the war on terror.

Of special interest to Pakistan are Hillary Clinton delegates from from Florida. The South Asian nation feels that Florida delegates should be counted. Pakistan has also requested an explanation of statements made by the founding fathers of America.

The spokes expressed concern about American miliatry and fedals impacting the electons. Mr. Chorro also expressed grief at the "feudalistic-agrarian-multinationals" that participate in the elections and impact the elections with millions of Dollars. There was a lot of concern the that military-industrial-complex has spent 1 Trillion Dollars in the past few years. He equated the MIC as Martial Law.

Pakistan wants full disclosure of the White water affair. In addition, Pakistan spokesman "Mr. chorroo" said that Chicago has a history of "back room deals", and wanted to know if Mr. O'bama had participated in those deals.

Pakistan wants to know when the word "democracy" was coined, because apparently the term does not appear in the American constitution. Pakistan wanted the US Congress to repudiate the anti-democracy statements made by Thomas Jefferson.

Pakistan also expressed concern at the low level of American voter participation and the fact that many voters feel alienated.

Mr. Chorroo also recommended that the world should be able to participate in the US elections because the presidential election effects the entire planet.

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