Tuesday, January 11, 2011

India's Saffron Brigade Terrorists

Syama Prasad Mookerjee Founder of Bharatiya Ja...
Syama Prasad Mookerjee Founder of Bharatiya Jana Sangh

Bharat has been stonewalling since 2007. Bharat is trying to clam up on the Indian terrorist who blew up 42 Pakistanis aboard the Samjhota Express.It is now very clear that the RSS was behind the bombing with clear links to the BJP and the Bharati Army. The bombing of innocent civilians by Hindu terrorists is not an isolated incident.

Mr. Jatin Chatterjee (Aseemanand), is part of the Hindu network as defined by the RSS-affiliated Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad (VKP) in Gujarat. Mr. Chatterjee has confessed in front of an Indian magistrate that Hindutva terrorists were involved in the Samjhauta blast and the 2007 bombing in Ajmer Sharif in which three people died. Mr. Chatterjee has also confessed to the 2008 Malegaon bombings that killed 37 people and the Hyderabad Mecca Masjid bombing in May 2007.

The RSS is a radical organization that murdered Mohandas Gandhi and has planted bombs at Ajmer Sharif, Malegaon and Mecca Masjid. Karkore was investigating the links of Colonel Prohit to the Bharati Army when he was killed during the siege of Mumbai.

Bharat is stonewalling on Samjhota Express and has been trying to hush up the affair for years. It then acts holier than thou and pontificates to Pakistan on terror.

Islamabad has to take a tough stand on the murderers of the innocent civilians who were aboard the Samjhota Express. The kith and kin of the 42 Pakistanis were not carrots and radish vegetables. They were human beings and they demand their the terrorist be brought to justice.

Vice President Biden should be taken to a memorial that commemorates the victims of Samjhota Express and the victims of the 30,000 Pakistanis who have died because of this senseless war in Afghanistan.

Bharat is claiming that it is "premature" to share the information. Why is it premature? Why can't Bharat be open and honest about it? Does it have something to hide?

It is pedagogical to note that initially Bharat has blamed Pakistan for the train bombing. Irrietable evidence now exists, proving that the RSS and by association the BJP is responsible for the bombing in Panipat in 2007. the bombing killed 68 innocent civilians, fort two of which were Pakistani.

'At this stage we cannot share the probe details as it is too premature. The investigation is still on and is at a preliminary stage. We will take an appropriate decision when the investigations are concluded,' an Indian Home Ministry official has confided in IANS (a Bharati news agency) about the message to the external affairs ministry.

Pakistan has rightly insisted on getting the information on Mr. Jatin Chatterjee's (aka Aseemanand) confession, and the RSS link to the explosion which led to the murder of the Pakistanis. This week Pakistan's Foreign Ministry summoned India's acting Deputy High Commissioner G.V. Srinivas and demanded that Delhi provide information 'at the earliest' on the progress of the investigation into the terror bombing.

Bharati investigators had earlier blamed the terror acts on the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Tayaba and the Bangladesh-based Harkat-ul-Jihadi Islami (HuJI). Scores of innocent Indian Muslim youth were arrested and brutally tortured by the Bharati establishment. To make things worse, the RSS and the Hindu Mahasabah rioted in Malegaon, Ajmer and Panipat, beat up Mulim youth, set Muslim businesses on fire, and looted the homes of Muslims.

Here is an interesting video clip which shows the deep embarrassment of Bharat.


If Bharat does not cooperate in the RSS and Hindu Mahasabah investigations, Pakistan should not provide any information to Bharat in the ongoing investigation on the Mumbai culprits.

The silence from Washington is deafening.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is the PPP party over

Flag of the Pakistan Peoples Party
The PPP led minority coalition government is now hanging by a thin thread

Premier Gilani will be left with the support of only 160 members — 12 less than the required number to maintain his position as leader of the National Assembly in the 342-member lower house.

  • The PPP  has only 125 seats of its own in a house of 342.

  • The MQMs decision to sit on the opposition benches in parliament, leaves PM Yousuf Raza Gilani as Leader of the House without a majority.

  • JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has asked President Asif Zardari to replace Mr Gilani with another PPP leader.

  • The Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly and PML-N Chaudhry Nisar has declared that his party would not support PPPs ‘corrupt’ set-up.

  • Mr. Zardari is camped out in Karachi hopeful that the  MQM would come back to the coalition.

  • The PML-Q, with over 50 seats in the Lower House, can help the government  stay afloat even if all other allies of the PPP leave the treasury benches and decide to sit in the opposition.

  • The MQM sees itself as a King Maker. Today they can surely exact the price from the PPP.

The PPP led coalition government is now hanging by a thin thread. The PPP did not acquiesce to the demands of the MQM for the removal of the Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza and the Urban Sindhis wanted the interior ministry of Sindh. Mr. Zardari camped out in Karachi was unable to give in to the demands of the MQM. The MQM's Damocles sword is hanging over the government of Mr. Gilani.

The MQM’s decision puts moral pressure upon the Prime Minister to seek a vote of confidence. At present the Premier has no justification continue as the Prime Minister.

The government's missteps have created a crisis for Mr. Zardari and the PPP. The coalition government finds itself in a precarious situation. As a minority government it can last on the goodwill of the opposition. Henceforth Mr Gilani will not be able to weather the storm of a No-Confidence motion. In fact as of Monday the opposition will have votes than the government in power.

The downfall of the compliant government in Islamabad will have regional and international repercussions.  A coalition led by the PMLN, PMLQ will inherently be more nationalistic and would not tolerate drone bombings and open access to the CIA in Pakistan.