Monday, May 19, 2008

Hanif Abbasi: Who died and left you God?-Kashmir

Hanif Abbasi: Who died and left you God on Kashmir? You don't represent the government or Pakistan

Mr. Hanif Abbasi, and PMLN MNA from Rawalpindi (NA 55) in condemning the Musharraf policies on Kashmir made an enormous blunder which should have been questioned by Mr. Mazhar Abbas, the host of the program called "Deadline" on ARYoneWorld.

Mr. Mazhar Abbas, the host either didn't have the intelligence or the guts to challenge the ramblings of Mr. Hanif Abbasi (PMLN spokesman) on Kashmir.

Mr. Mazhar Abbas, why did you ask that question? This is the Indian position, to create small states around herself. Why did you ask the Indian position? Do you have an agenda? Once you asked the stupid question, you should have challenged Mr. Abbaissi's wild rambling?

MR. ABBASI YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK ON KASHMIR. If you don't have the intelligence keep the trap shut.

This is what happens when illiterate or half-literate idiots are elected to parliament and put in front of a camera.

In one stroke Mr. Abbassi has changed the position of Pakistan for which it has stood for more than 60 years. There is no question of a third option for Kashmir. According to the independence act of 1947, all states were given only two options. One option was to join the Republic of India, the other option was to allow each one of the 570 states to join Pakistan. All UN resolution and Mr. Nehrus promises are about those two options. Kashmiris want to join Pakistan.

The Nizam of Hyderabad wanted to exercise the third option, but was not given that option

If Kashmir is given a third option, then Hyderabad and all 570 states should be given the third option.

Mr. Hanif Abbais has put his foot in his mouth and should retract it by apologizing to the entire nation and the people of Kashmir. If Mr. Abbasi does not have any sense, he should keep his mouth shut.

No doubt India will make hay of this nonsensical statement.

If you agree, write to the following add res and protest Mr. Abbasi's statement


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Tazeen said...

Hanif Abbasi was originally from Jamat-e-Islami. When Jamat-e-Islami boycotted the elections, he switch sides to PML-N and has been on Tv ever since. he is a disgrace but you cant expect logic from a Jamati, now can you?