Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fidayeen and Mehsud: Indian Frankensteins-will eventually turn on India

پاکستاان لیجر | PAKISTAN LEDGER | پاکستاني کھاتا |Sept. 21, 08 | Moin Ansari | معین آنصآرّی |

The Indian intelligence agencies are playing with fire in Afghanistan and Pakistan. If history is any example, the support of "ultras" (Indian word for ultra extremists) by India will surely backfire. Let us examine some historical lessons:

In the 50s and 60s, the USA wanted to reign in the dictator Batista of Cuba who was getting too big for his britches. The USA built contacts with a young Cuban student who was studying in the USA at the time. The Cuban student was one of his bitterest enemies of Batista. The CIA not only built contacts with him, they on the return to Cuba trained, funded and supported him against Batista. Fidel Castro, the student was very different than the Fidel the revolutionary. He not only turned agaisnt the USA, he brought in a revolution that plagued the entire South American Continent and is a pin for the USA even today. The Bolivar revolution is now carried on by Cuban protege's in Venezuela and other places.

In the 70s and 80s, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (the PLO) claimed to be the sole representatives of the Palestinian People. To deflate the PLO and its more violent cousins the PFLP, and its really violent cousin the PFLP-General Command, the Isreali army under devised a plan. General Sharon was the head of the Israeli Army. He planned to counterbalance the secular PLO with a religious organization. According to advanced Israeli analysis, by creating and supporting a shia organization they could not only reduce the power of the PLO but in doing so it will be able to control all of Lebanon. After all Ben Gurin wanted the Israeli border on the Litani river with Lebanon a vassal state of Isreal--its strategic depth to hold back Syria, Egypt and Iraq. The Israeli establishment supported the Hamas and Hizbullah movements, armed and trained and funded them. The policy worked for a sort period of time--Israel was actually successful in forcing Yasser Arafat out of Lebanon and exiled to Tunisia etc. He was brought back to the West bank incarcerated and eventually poisoned. However in trying to eliminate Arafat, Sharon lost Lebanon to the Hizbullah which has now become Israel's biggest enemy in the world. Much has been written about this in the Israeli press (Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, and Uri Avnery). Uri Avnery calls it the "goyem" (Jewish Frankenstein) when a clay statue of a monster is created, and it eventually comes and bites the hand that fed it and destroys the maker.

In the 80s, the USA accumulated millions of devoted and devout Muslim kids from around the world and used them as cannon fodder in Afghanistan. When the USSR was defeated, and Afghanistan liberated, these extremists turned on the USA and carried on attacks against them.

Today the India RAW is creating its own Frankensteins in Afghanistan. India is not only supporting the Karzai puppet regime in Kabul, it has also infiltrated many of the insurgent groups working in Afghanistan and Pakistan. New Delhi rains them, supplies them with arms and equipment. Bait Mehsud is one bad example of Indian mendacity. India is using the this Mehsud to attack soft targets in Pakistan.

The problem with the Indian strategy is that it has not worked in the past. India tried to build relations in another Afghan puppet--Babrak Karmal. Amid great rejoicing and platitudes he visited New Delhi to usher in a great Indo-Afghan era which would be used to control all of Central Asia and be a counterweight to China. A few weeks after his much heralded visit to New Delhi Mr. Karmal was riding a Soviet tank out of Kabul--never to be heard again. The New Delhi embassy remained closed for several years, and all Indian were sent packing out of Afghanistan. India's Afghan policy was as much a debacle as the Lord Curzon's On to the Oxus policy in yesteryear.

Today's India's policy of supporting the puppet regime in Afghanistan against the popular will in Afghanistan and India's policy or supporting terror groups in Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan will create a huge backlash against new Delhi.

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