Saturday, December 5, 2009

Indian PM fails to get aircraft carrier, Admiral Gorshkov, deal signed


The Hindh (aka India) PM has been traveling pillar to post, from the current friend to the old friend. He has singing the mantra about Pakistan. He hasn’t got traction yet—not even in Moscow—the previous BFF of Delhi. In Washington he failed to get the 123 nuclear deal operationalized. He also failed to het US support for the Hindh seat on the UNSC. In the UK more of the same. In Moscow—he didn’t fare a lot better.

NEW DELHI: Shortly before his visit to Russia, PM Manmohan Singh on Friday expressed hope that Russia would use its influence to convince Pakistan that the strategy of using terror as an instrument of state policy was counter-productive and ran counter to the policy of good neighbourliness.

In an interview to the Russian media, Singh said Moscow had been a great friend of India and "stood by us through very difficult times''.

"We also believe that Russia being a great power can influence the conduct of Pakistan. Our hope is that Russia's influence will be utilised to convince Pakistan. On our part, if Pakistan territory ceases to be used by terrorists, we see immense opportunities for our two countries to work together in cooperation,'' the PM said.
Singh went on to say that India and Russia had common interests as both were victims of terrorism. "We face in the subcontinent the onset of terrorism aided, inspired and instigated by our neighbour. Russia and India can work together to devise effective counter-terror strategies through coordinating our intelligence and information system,'' he added.

Singh further said that cooperation in the field of nuclear energy had been a very important pillar of the relations between India and Russia and that the government had identified new sites for collaboration with Russia for nuclear power projects. Russia was one of the first countries with which India entered into civil nuclear cooperation after the NSG waiver last year and the final agreement is likely to be signed during Singh's visit.

"India and Russia have a history of close collaboration in the area of civil nuclear cooperation. New opportunities in this sector are opening up, and we would like to see greater Russian participation in our nuclear energy expansion programme,'' Singh said.

While the revised deal for the Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Gorshkov, is unlikely to happen during the visit, Singh did admit that it would figure in the discussions.

"Cooperation in the field of defence has been a very important aspect of our relationship with Russia. We have been able to get equipment and technologies from Russia which were not available to us from any other country. Of course, Admiral Gorshkov will figure in my discussion and I am confident that we can find practical solutions to the problems that have arisen,'' said Singh. PM banks on old friend Russia to lean on Pakistan  TNN 5 December 2009, 01:59am IST

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