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Challenging Saad Khan’s treachery

The Huffington Post is a left leaning blog. It was started by Ariana Huffington. It has a strong anti-establishment, pro-Democratic and anti-Republican bias. Actually it caters to the leftist core of the Liberals. So far so good. For reasons known only to Zeus and Apollo, “The Huff” is also very anti-Pakistani. Its always been that way. There are several reasons for it. Arian Huffington is of Greek origins, so she may hate all Muslims. There are many Jewish democrats who write for the Huff. Now these Pakistanphobes have found a little brown boy to do their bidding.

When Brown-trash begin to speak English they immediately dive into “gora worship”. These wannabe WOGs “Western Oriental Gentlemen” are so enamored by Washington and London that they sell their country and their souls for a hay-penny (half-penny). It is incredible that an army that has lost 5000 of its soldiers with ten of thousands injured would be called a “half hearted” participant in a war that kills Pakistani children everyday. It is all the more astonishing that a Pakistani sitting in Islamabad would publish weekly diatribes against the very people who are definding this guy. Only an ignoramus who has been totally brainwashed would say the things Mr. Saad Khan says—or someone who is doing it for profit.

Pakistan has lost 5000 sons and daughters in the line of duty. More than a thousand civilian lives have been wasted because of America’s war in Afghanistan. Thousands have been injured. See this report from Reuters ( “Half hearted effort”—my ***. There was no terror in FATA, Swat and Pindi before 2004 when the drones began. Mr. Saad Khan needs to get a life.

“Ingrate Inc.” (a conglomerate of Neolibs, Neocons, Indophiles, Pakistanphobes and their 5th column acolytes) do not recognize the sacrifices of the Pakistan people. They will continue the “do more mantra”. Mr. Saad Khan simply parrots his masters voice in his columns in the Huffington Post. Anti-Pakistanism is profitable business. Being Islamphobic is even more profitable. He has found a small corner of fame and is milking it for all its worth.

Of course Mr. Khan would have his readers believe that those who walk the minefields of Swat and FATA and those who brave the rain of bullets in Tank and Waziristan are somehow making half hearted attempts.

There is a war raging in Peshawar, Islamabad, Quetta, Lahore and Karachi. The innocent civilians are dyeing. All Mr. Khan has to say is to delve in treacherous rhetoric against Pakistan.

Mr. Saad Khan’s “column” is a literal transcription of the daily talking points from the US State Department and 10 Downing Street. If one wants to read the talking points, read them from the original. The Neocon and Neolib copies are not as good as good and not as spicy.

If Mr. Saad Khan had any decency

The Pakistani military has launched a major offensive against the Taliban in the South Waziristan region. The area is home of the Pakistani Taliban; a terrorist outfit that conducts sabotage activities in Pakistan but remains aloof from the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. North Waziristan, on the other hand, is the hub of the Afghan Taliban and they maintain cordial relations with Pakistani intelligence agencies and even get some tactile support. Although the Pakistani military is claiming victory and has faced minimal resistance but there are no independent resources to verify these reports. The area has been walled off for journalists and they have to rely on government handouts.

30,000 soldiers in the heart of the TTP territory is by itself a victory, but “skeptical Suzy” (actually skeptical Saad) of course would rather believe it, if it came from the lips of Mullen and McChrystal. After all the old colonial masters used to speak English—the gospel of truth (WMDs in Iraq notwithstanding)

Additionally, there is a major crisis of people that have been displaced from the war-torn region. Secretary Clinton announced aid for the internally-displaced persons (IDP) and the Pakistani government has also announced a meager aid to these people. American military is also secretly complimenting the offensive by providing modern weapons and gadgetry to the Pakistani army. This is in addition to $7.5 billions given under the Kerry-Lugar-Berman legislation.

Give a little and talk a lot about it. Expect the other to die for it. The meager “gadgetry” given to the Pakistan army is a joke. Pakistan needs 100 choppers, 100,000 machine guns, 100 drones, 150,000 bullet proof vests, 15,000 MARVs, 300,000 night vision glasses (for the Frontier Corp and the Frontier Constabulary)—all it got was a few USSR vintage obsolete choppers that do a half-assed job of surviving in the air. The so called “aid” (should be called stimulus package for US consultants under the nomenclature “aid to Pakistan”) is another joke. Half of it stays in the hands of US consultants, one fourth is spent on logistics—the $100 million or so that finally makes it to Islamabad is handed over to the Ambassador’s favorite NGO. While the US wasted $605 billion in Iraq, and $143 billion in Afghanistan, Pakistan the front line state gets $650,000 (actually only one fourth of that makes it to Pakistan)

Mr. Khan is simply quoting the US line—hook line and sinker. If Mr.Saad had been writing similar articles about the US army in Afghanistan, he would have already been sent on a grand vacation on the island paradise of Gitmo, and locked up in a monkey cage. Mr. Khan lives in Islamabad where the authorities may not have read his articles. Mr. Khan’s nonsense has to be challenged intellectually. What he says does not have merit.

What compels youth in Islamabad to succumb to pressure to write Pakistanphobic articles. Bad upbringing—poor academic performance, a few pegs of Red Label, a possible smile from a “goree”, magnetism of the almighty Dollar--and of course the lure of a possible Green Card. A few pennies can buy a dozen Saad Khans. the names of Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq will live in infamy. The name of Saad Khan will of course wither away in a few weeks. The harm he has caused will of course stay. All the Huff needs is a Muslim sounding name to write under—and Saad Kahn foots the bill. Patriotism is a rare quantity—and being Islamphobic is profitable. It was profitable for Hussain Haqqani, it was profitable for Pervez Hoodbhoy, and Ahmed Rashid--so it must be profitable for the young punks of Islamabad who hang out on Jinnah bucking for a drag on their favorite pot or a sip of their favorite whiskey (tharra—never Red label).

The bigoted readers need to confirm their Islamphobia—the ignorant ones don’t know any better—they all read the Huff—because it mostly reports on the Liberal left.

There are more than 80 TV channels in Pakistan. Most of them are news channels, the news channels outnumber the entertainment channels. Eight major outlets of the Pakistani media has self-imposed a code of conduct—without government interference. This deals with showing dead bodes and reducing the number of “breaking news stories”. Mr. Saad mischievously calls it censorship. Only imbedded reporters were allowed in Iraq and Afghanistan—there was no free press. Why is Pakistan criticized for conducting the war in a professional manner without the intrusion of the likes of Mr. Saad Khan.

Despite an all-out effort by the US government, the Pakistani military is still reluctant on taking the Taliban challenge head-on. There have been reports in independent media -- Pakistani media face a lot of restrictions to reveal secrets and have just self-imposed a tougher censorship policy -- that the Pakistani military tipped off the Taliban before the offensive. According to a report in BBC Urdu, Pakistani intelligence agencies might have struck a deal with the Taliban in this regard.

It appears that the Pakistani military entered a deal with the Taliban where they agreed to avoid any "lose-lose" position. Pakistani military recaptured the territories while the Taliban retained their cadre, ammunition and organizational structure.

If the Pakistan Army took steps to avoid bloodshed, isn’t that good? Why the Yanks are doing the same in Falujah and Helmand? Didn’t they go to Mazaar Sharif with millions of Dollars in suitcases to win over the Northern Alliance? What is wrong with Pakistan talking to its own citizens? If peace deals fail, one should try again—after using the minimum amount of force.

Mr. Saad, Pakistanis bleed the same red blood as the blondes do. Pakistani blood is not for sale. Pakistan will only do what is in its own interest (Zardari notwithstanding).

Are the jawans of the Pakistan Army indentured servants of other flags. Did the generals not swear allegiance tot he Pakistani flag and the Pakistani flag alone? If the US and Afghanistan government can hold talks with the Taliban, why is such a big deal that Pakistan makes deals with its own citizens? Why are Pakistani peace deals considered capitulation to terror and Afghan, British and US peace deals considered overtures to win the hearts and minds of the people. Can Mr. Saad Khan not see the double standards here? Is is deaf and blind to the interests of Pakistan? Has he been so brainwashed that he now thinks of other interests as supreme and Pakistani interests subservient to other flags.

Did the Pakistani jawans sell their bodies for a few Dollars. Should the orders emanate from Islamabad or other world capitals. Shouldn’t the army take note of its own interests and the interests of Pakistan. Are the goals of the US and the Pakistani goals congruent. Should they be? If so, then why did the US install an anti-Pakistan government in Kabul and why does India have free reign in Afghanistan to plot, train, sponsor and arm mercenaries who are then sent to Pakistan.

In any case, South Waziristan offensive was announced in May but it actually started after a delay of five months. It was enough time for the Taliban to finalize their combat strategies i.e. tacitcal retreat. The Pakistani military has benefited from this deal but not the common Pakistanis. Terrorist attacks have become a daily affair and hardly a day passes when dozens of people do not lose their lives.

The “American Charge of the Light Brigade” in Afghanistan had obvious results—total defeat and annihilation of ISAF forces—more than 80% of Afghanistan is in the hands of the Taliban. If Mr. Khan had any clue about military tactics, he would have known that armies do not move on a dime. The logistics had to be arranged, and the targets chosen very carefully. Its not a US drone that sees a man with a turban a beard and a stick and begins dropping bombs. The Pakistan Army actually does ground work, and monitors the area planting spies, scouting the terrain, working with the locals—it then goes in.

Mr. Khan’s weekly diatribe against Pakistan is pretty disgusting. The stale putrid smell of treacherous treason stinks up the entire space—as bad as a skunk who spoils the ride of thousands of drivers. Raising the  Haqqanis bogey and trying to malign the Pakistanis about the TTP is a favorite technique of those who have lost the war in Afghanistan. Now they need patsys—someone to blame the defeat on. They seek the ephemeral “Ho Chi Minh” trail in Pakistan and try to discover “hideouts”—when 80% of Afghanistan is controlled by the Taliban. They talk about safe havens in FATA when Mr. Karzai cannot even control his section of Kabul. Mr. Khan has neither logic nor common sense on his side. He is happy about finding a spot on the Huff. Congrat Mr. Khan you made it---but at what cost. Your Faustian deals with the Huff pay little. Your soul should have more integrity and more value.

North Waziristan Taliban, under the leadership of Haqqanis, are still strong in their bases and gathering support from some elements of the Pakistani military. As the Pakistani Taliban have also joined them in recent weeks, they might launch major attacks in Afghanistan. Although the real perpetrators of this carnage remain in the "open closet", the lack of a concerted effort would hamper any half-hearted attempts of the Pakistani military. Saad Khan. Social and political activist in Islamabad. Posted: November 10, 2009 03:25 PM

Mr. Khan, you had a choice—you could use your writing power to enlighten people about the people of Pakistan. You chose to malign them. The choice is yours. Your fifteen minutes of fame will be over soon—but you have been part and parcel of Islamphobia which affects children of Pakistani origin in the West. Mr. Saad Khan, may God Bless and may he bring the love your own people into your heart. May you live long and prosper.


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