Thursday, November 5, 2009

TTP Hakim tells defectors “You will go to hell”

  • Facing annihilation desperate TTP Chief Hakeem urges followers not to flee battlefield
  • you cannot leave the battlefield without permission from your commander..Such people will go to hell." Hakimullah Mehsud

The TTP is fleeing the battlefield. Thier leader is threatening their own forces. The defeat US forces in Afghanistan are astonished how the Pakistanis did it. Many wonder why the Pakistan Army was so successful in eliminating the TTP from Swat and now South Wazirisitan. I asked a Pakistani Colonel whom I met last week. He had been serving in the FATA area and hails from FATA. To protect his identity, I will not use his name. The Colonel said that the Mongols, Macedonians, Russians, British and the Americans were unable to defeat the tribals because they were not from that area. The Colonel said “I am a Pakhtun and a Mehsud, I hail from the same village. the TTP gets its arms from foreigners, the ones we all hate. I get my uniform and arms from the Pakistan Army which we all love. I will not run away. I will not return to Macedonia, Moscow,  London or Washington. I will stay and fight the TTP terrorists. It is either him or me. I have time on my side. The words carried some weight because the Colonel had bullet wounds to prove his battle hardened resolve. The TTP cannot survive the onslaught of the combined tribes of FATA, plus the arms of the Pakistan army.

I challenged him about foreign involvement. He confirmed Delhi’s involvement. He said the entire army knew this. He said those who did not believe that India was behind the terror in Swat and FATA were those people who would deny light even though it was daylight. He say such people would not accept any amount of proof. He was sure that it was India behind the terrorists.

He was very critical of the US and ISAF role in Afghanistan. He bitterly complained that right in the heat of the battle when the Pakistani attack was being executed, the US and ISAF troops left their posts and ran away. They should have cordoned off the area and supported the Pakistan Army, but the US forces abandoned their posts and left. The Colonel became angry when the talked about this duplicity and incompetence of the American forces. he also said that the fleeing TTP would become a problem for the US forces in Afghanistan now—because the US had the chance of killing them but chose to run from the battlefield

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan — The leader of the Pakistani Taliban urged his fighters to stand fast against a military offensive in tribal South Waziristan, warning them in an intercepted message obtained Thursday that cowards will go to hell.

Pakistani forces launched an offensive in mid-October to crush the Taliban in the semiautonomous region along the Afghan border that is believed to be the main stronghold of the militants and their al-Qaida allies.

"Remember this is the commandment of God that once fighting starts with the enemy, you cannot leave the battlefield without permission from your commander, and don't look for excuses to run away from the fighting," Hakimullah Mehsud told his followers in a speech Tuesday broadcast over a wireless radio network. Of those who do run away, he warned, "Such people will go to hell."

Pakistani intelligence officials shared a recording of the speech with The Associated Press, possibly to promote the idea that the militant leader is concerned about desertions in the ranks.

"We are in jihad and we should not pay heed to the whispers of Satan. We should sacrifice our lives for Islam so that we can feel pride on the day of judgment," Mehsud said.

The military says hundreds of militants have been killed in the offensive — including 28 in just the past day — and that hundreds more have been wounded. While the speech could indicate the militants are on the defensive, a Taliban spokesman insisted earlier this week that the group had not lost even a dozen fighters.

While refugees fleeing the area have reported heavy fighting, details are impossible to confirm. South Waziristan has been sealed off to outsiders since the offensive began. Journalists have only been allowed in on carefully orchestrated government trips.

Meanwhile, missiles believed fired by U.S. drones killed two alleged militants Thursday in a northwestern tribal region, intelligence officials said, while Pakistani soldiers battled Taliban fighters in a neighboring area along the Afghan border.

The attack indicated the U.S. will not abandon a favorite tactic against Islamist extremists despite Pakistani concerns that the missile strikes anger insurgents who have agreed to stay neutral as the army wages an offensive against the Pakistani Taliban in South Waziristan.

The missiles hit a house in Naurak village in the North Waziristan tribal area overnight, killing two alleged militants, the two officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media on the record.

However, local tribesman Inayat Wazir told The Associated Press by telephone that the house was empty and no one had died. It was not immediately possible to verify either claim due to the dangerous nature of the region.

The area struck is believed to be under the control of Hafiz Gul Bahadur, a warlord involved in fighting U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan's military has struck a deal with Bahadur — saying they would leave him alone as long as he stayed out of their way in South Waziristan as they fight the Pakistani Taliban, the network the government blames for most of the suicide bombings in the country.

Pakistani military officials could not immediately be reached for comment Thursday, but in the past officials have said the country would prefer there be no outside interference as it takes on the militants.Pakistan Taliban chief urges troops to fight army By ISHTIAQ MAHSUD (AP) –

As we hear the reports of the TTP fleeing the battlefield, the words of the brave Pakistani Colonel ring i our ears. He was vocal, confident and full of resolve. He reiterated the strategy of the government of Pakistan. He stated his political ideas and clearly reflected the ideas of the jawans. The Colonel represented the voice of the army—and it was strong and bold. He knew his men could fight. He also knew who couldn’t. The American kids don’t know how to fight. They yearn to return to their barracks so that they can enjoy beer and talk to their girl-friends and watch movies. I yearn to defeat the TTP, because the TTP is destroying my livelihood and is supported by the enemies of Pakistan. The colonel was assuredly very confident of his victory and repeatedly told us all that India was the main culprit in the unrest in FATA and Balochistan. The Colonel said that the Pakistan Army was successful in defeating the TTP because the people of Swat and Malakand Agency supported the army and the entire nation stood behind the army. The Colonel said that the bombing of the civilians were the acts of desperation by the militants. The Colonel was very confident that the RAW sponsored insurgents would e wiped out of Waziristan very soon. 

This was no pussyfooting armchair analyst. This Colonel had recently been in a 40 minute pitched battle with the terrorists. He not only survived the battle, his morale was higher than the Hindu Kush and he was returning to the war with enhanced support from the Pakistani Diaspora. We all saluted the gazi and wished him well.

I brought my son and introduced him to the colonel. He appreciated the efforts of Rupee News to get the truth out and said he would forward our address to the General in the area. He had tears in his eyes when he talked about how proud he was of the patriots who supported him and the army.

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