Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why Pakistanis are mad at the US

The Pakistanis are mad at the US.

The F-16s or F-18s being given to India along with Nuclear plants are for decoration. Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Robert Blake’s probable address is in the clouds somewhere—because his thoughts defies gravity and his inane statements and decry logic—far removed from reality. If he hasn’t done so already, he may want to run a few opinion polls in Pakistan. For the first time since 1947, the US is considered more of a threat to Pakistan than Bharat (India). Any diplomat worth his salt would have come to grips with the simple fact that when Secretary of State Clinton was almost booed off the stage, and when Richard Holbrooke cannot hold an open press conference with the Pakistani media then something is wrong with US foreign relations.

When US civilian and military leaders continue the “do more mantra”, blatantly threaten Pakistan “of bombing it to the stone age”, shower veiled threats using loaded clichés like “existential threat”, lecture Pakistanis on how to fight the militants (after the US, NATO and ISAF has lost 80% of Afghanistan to the insurgents), think of real threat to Pakistan (where more than half the Indian forces and planes are arrayed on the Pakistani border) as Pakistani paranoia, and blame Pakistan for local terror in Bharat. And not to forget the installation of an anti-Pakistan government in Afghanistan, allowing 13 Indian “Consulates” to send mercenaries to FATA and Swat, withdraw forces from the Afghan-Pakistan border during the Waziristan operation—then Pakistani worry that any relations with the US are unprofitable. The really old Pakistanis also remember the betrayal in 1965, the arms embargo before the 1971 war,  the non-arrival of the 7th fleet in Chittagong, the Pressler and Symington amendments, and the non-delivery of F-116s after payment had been made (Pakistan never got the money or the planes back). 

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